3 things to ask when searching a window replacement company

It can take time to get the right window replacement company. Just like it can be difficult to choose a doctor, mechanic or general contractor, it is not different with a window replacement company. One important thing that you can do to make the right choice of a window replacement company is to pre-screen on the telephone. When you ask just a few questions before setting up a home visit, it is possible to do away with window installers who don’t meet your expectations and save on money and time.

You need to note that when you contact the window replacement company requesting for information, they will begin to see you as a potential customer and you will find them to be very eager to get information on the job. They may bombard you with questions about the project such as type, number and material preference for the window. They will also ask you questions such as when you expect the project to be completed and the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Here are a few questions i asked one while i lived in St. Charles, MO, that you should ask the window replacement company to find out if they meet your need.

What is the workmanship warranty policy of the company?

In most cases, the contractor workmanship offer one year warranties. It is worth noting that longer warranties aren’t necessarily better than the shorter warranties. The most important thing is the ability of the company to stand behind their warranties. The best way to find out this is by searching for customer referrals.

It is important for the companies to warrant their workmanship. They should also use products from manufacturers who warrant windows against manufacturing defects. These two warranties are important if the window system is to be covered.

What is the policy of the company in solving complaints?

Find out how the company handles complaints when they arise. Ask them to give you a referral to a job that had a complaint. Find out if they have had their license suspended and why. You can also talk to organizations such as the BBB to find out if there are any complaints that have ever been lodged against the company. To find out about the reputation of the contractor, find out how they handled the complaint.

How long has your company been in operation?

This is another important question that you need to ask the window replacement company. It is obvious that the longer the company has been in business, the better. When you get a response that the company has been in business for a period that is shorter than 3 years, it is sign that it could be an unstable business. However, this is not a clear indication that the company offers poor services since everyone has to start somewhere but it should be a reason to carry out further research on the company. You can use references to be able to double check the business particularly if it is new.

When you ask these 3 questions, it is possible to make the right choice of a window replacement company.


St. Peters carpet company Everyone needs a professional carpet cleaning service eventually. Even if you regularly vacuum and remove spots as they appear on your carpet, your carpet will still need an annual deep clean. Though you can steam clean the carpet yourself, it can be a stressing task and, more importantly, it might just be a waste of efforts and time if done improperly. So it is always a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your carpets deeply.

Dangers involved in a Bad Steam Clean

It is always good to be aware of the disadvantages when making the decision to hire a professional to steam clean your carpet and when you decide to do it yourself. Industrial fans used by carpet cleanig companies can be expensive to rent. This can be expensive to rent and if you dont have access to an equipment of this kind,make sure you have a good alternative because if not, you might end up with mold problems that are far worse than stained and dirty carpets. Apart from the Mold and damages, the most dangerous thing in steam cleaning yourself or having a sub-par company to do it for you is that most of the chemicals involved in steam cleaning are harmful to your lungs and can cause asthmatic reactions. Professionals wear gloves, masks and they always ask residents to stay out of the house when using certain chemical products.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Professional

Most of the time,it is best to hire a professional for your carpet cleaning. A carpet cleaning company will readily tell you the types of chemicals they use and also tell you the benefits and dangers of each. Do not choose a company that gives you quotations over the phone without inspecting your home first. I was very pleasing how one of my favorite St. Peters carpet company also send inspector to take a deep analysis on my house even before giving me a quote. Its important you hire one who are very friendly.

Similarly, be careful of companies that just solicit by canvassing your neighborhood. It is very important to get recommendations from friends and family rather than to just call the number you see in your phone book, but if such recommendations is not available, always ask for references. It will save you lots of pain and headache in the long run.


O'fallon basementAs a home owner, it is important that you understand the fact that both casement windows and slider windows each have their own unique benefits. However, these benefits usually depend on the kind of setting in which the windows will be used. It is interesting to know that in some cases, you can use both type of windows. So, like many other people settling for a particular type of window, it is usually the best option that you should consider seriously. If you already have a little idea about windows – I never knew what to opt for when i needed one for my O’fallon basement project- then you should already have an idea of how each feature will affect you.

In order to start you off, Here is a brief comparison of slider and casement windows.

  1. Security features

    Oftentimes, people are always wondering whether their windows are safe or not. In truth, you will get varying answers depending on the person who you turn to for answers . For instance, a certain set of people might tell you that the movable parts of a slider window is easy to operate and as strange as it may sound to you, you can also easily operate a casement window as long as it is not latched. So, it is important to know that neither of the two window types is in any way superior to the other in terms of security. Because if anyone wants to get into your, house, the glass on the window can easily be broken. When it comes to security, both window types are on equal ground.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    It is very important to take the energy efficiency provisions into serious consideration when choosing a window. This is very important because, if a window help you to increase your home’s energy efficiency, it is also helping you in cutting down utility bills which in turn allows you to significantly save a lot of money. Slider windows are always fitted around the edges with seals which are usually flexible. This allows for the window to easily slide through but the disadvantage attached to this is that continuous closing and opening of the window usually make the seal slightly dislocated and as a result, compromising energy efficiency. When using a casement window, this is not the case. So therefore, as far as energy efficiency is concerned, casement windows are a more energy efficient choice.

  3. Ventilation

    Ventilation provision of a window is another very important factor to consider. You should be able to open your window and feel free air flowing in freely when prevailing weather around the house is nice. A casement window will allow you to open your window completely because of the design of the frame. On the other hand, a sliding window is designed in such a way that half the window is permanently stationary, which simply means that only half the window can be opened. Considering the above, it shows that casement windows guarantees better ventilation in comparison to sliding windows.

Carpet Cleaning Drying Time

So you hired a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet. Of course they needed it and the technician did a good job, but now he says you cannot go into any of the rooms that was cleaned until the carpet is dry. How long will it take?

When you have your carpet steam cleaned, it usually takes just a few hours to dry. On average, the drying time is usually 5-6 hours. The drying time should not take days or be longer than 24 hours. When a carpet cleaner has finished cleaning your carpet, it should be moist, not wet. Carpet cleaners should extract as much water as possible on the carpet so there won’t be much water left on the carpet. Carpet cleaning does not mean that you are left with some wet carpet that could allow the growth of mildew and mold, but it means that you are left with sanitized clean carpets. Some carpet cleaners offer products that reduce the drying time.

What factors affect carpet drying time?

Who you call to do the cleaning job will determine the answer to this question. With a carpet cleaning service that just does “cleaning-and-go”, then you’re probably left at the mercy of the weather. Undoubtedly, the carpets will dry very quickly if it is hot outside, but opening all the doors and windows will be required. If it’s raining outside, your carpets will only dry soon after the rain stops. Even then, there’s that sticky feeling that lingers for a few hours.

In addition, some companies bring fans instead of relying on natural evaporation. These fans are not your typical box fans that you put on a hot day, but they are more powerful and are designed to dry your carpet.

Speed up carpet cleaning drying times

The right equipment for drying carpets are fans that are used by companies that do cleanup after flooding. Floor fans are the quickest and most effective way to dry your carpet. Large volumes of air is moved just above the carpet surface evaporating the water faster.

Find it helpful? I did, though many a times while i leaved in the O’Fallon, i always employed the advice of one the O’Fallon carpet service personnel that leaved close to my apartment.

5 benefits of vinyl window

Looking and planning to replace your St. Louis windows? I guess you must be thinking on the type you would go with and probably thought about using vinyl window but lack understanding about the material. These article would help enlighten you on the importance of using vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are the most widely procured windows in the country and mostly found in new home developments. This is because they offer so much versatility and have many advantages. Here are some of the reason why vinyl window is good for your home.

replace your St. Louis windows

1.Vinyl windows reduces energy cost.

Vinyl windows have the ability to keep heat out during the summer and to keep heat in during winter time. They have high insulation value due to the material they are made out for, which is Polyvinyl Chloride material, also known as PVC which have an unmatchable ability in preventing air from passing through. Hence, reducing the heating and air conditioning usage which results in lower energy bills.

2. It is durable, maintenance-free and long lasting.

These three is what every home owner wants. Vinyl windows are the the types of windows that doesn’t need any refurbishing. They are basically scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and UVray-resistant. They don’t have to be painted and they’re easily cleaned with soap and water. Because they’re resistant to the elements, they don’t age as quickly as other windows do. Vinyl windows are also resistant to weather such as rain, wind and snow which allows the vinyl windows to last for a long time without showing any signs of wear and tear. This also saves you money in the long run, since you wont need to replace your window as often.

3.They come in varieties.

Vinyl windows come in many colors, sizes, and styles. They can be custom made also. Because of such wide range of varieties, it makes it possible to find windows that blend easily with home and suit your taste, without sacrificing the stability and practicality.

4. They are Inexpensive.

Vinyl windows are basically the least expensive of all window materials on the market, but that doesn’t mean vinyl windows are of low quality. They are affordable and durable at the same time which makes them even more appealing.

5. Vinyl windows have better fit.

They have a better fit in the sense that they are compatible with almost any kind of window space. Because their material expands, it allows for efficient and easier regulation of indoor temperature.

Top 5 types of windows

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the style of their replacement windows doesn’t matter. However, the window styles goes beyond just the look. Different types of windows will have a difference in their level of function. With the right style, it is possible to enhance the look of your home on the inside as well as the outside. Swimming right in the Ocean of decision of what type of window to go with, i resulted to consulting a near by St. Peters windows replacement expert who helped me understand the types and their value as explained below:

Single hung vs. double hung windows

The single hung and double hung are usually very similar to one another. However, they have one key difference. The sash of the single hung window is usually fixed one place and doesn’t tilt or move in and it has an operable bottom. When it comes to the double hung window, both of the window frame’s sash are operable and this means that they are able to move up and down. For individuals who live in an area that is dusty, it is easier to clean the double hung window. However, if the windows are going to be located in the first floor, it may not be difficult to clean one hung from outside.

Slider windows

To open the slide windows, you will need to slide window panes from one side to the other on the window frame’s track. This window style is a good option where you have a window whose size is wider as compared to its height. The windows are also available as single slider with only one sash that is moveable, 2-lite sliders that have two moveable sash and the 3-lite sliders that are considered suitable for the large openings that accompany a picture window fixed at the center will window sliders at each end.

Casement windows

Casement windows usually open using the crank handle, with the sash of the window swinging towards the outside. These types of windows are usually hinged on one side and are able to swing open. One pro of these types of windows is that they offer maximum ventilation. The good thing with casement windows is that they can be customized with the style of your home.

Awning windows

The awning window is usually hinged near or at the top of frame. In order to open, this type of window usually swings out. Their design makes this window to be suitable for ventilating wet area as the sash is able to act like a canopy that keeps out the rain. To control the air amount that comes in, all you will need to do is to adjust the widow.

Louvre windows

These are a popular option for many homes because they are versatile, stylish and are able to naturally ventilate the home. Louvre windows are made of horizontal pieces of glass, aluminum, wood or any other material that is fitted to the frame of the window. The pieces may be adjusted to remain open so that breeze and light can enter the room. They can also be closed to keep out the harsh element. A simple lever system is used to adjust the window.

Understanding back pain

Before you panic and rush to the doctor over back pain, get an overview of what exactly could be ailing you. For the most part, back pain can be classified as mild, medium, intense, intermittent or consistent. You need to also into the period the back pain and lasted to classify it further. The sieve can be narrowed down further to classify back pain according to the cause of the pain. Here, we deal with all these aspects besides delving into the issue of caring for those with back pain in varying degrees.


Among the most common causes of back pain are related illnesses and physical injuries. For the diseases, if certain types of illnesses such as cancer or arthritis affect you, you are likely to experience pain in a many areas of the body among them the back. Osteoarthritis has been established to cause many different pains on the backbone. For such types of back pain, the general name given to them is specific pain as their source is known. Also specific to this class is radicular back pain as it is caused by problems in the nervous system. The bones may be okay but the inflammation of the nerves leads to back pain. If the cause of the pain is not any of the above reasons, it is termed nonspecific pain.

Predisposing factors

Before one feels the pain in the back, there are certain factors which are likely to be an indication of the pain and general likelihood of suffering back pain. One of them is work. For manual workers, carrying loads should be focused on taxing the thigh and leg muscles rather than the back which is more delicate. Also, having certain diseases causes back pain as stated above. Other health conditions such as pregnancy and sedentary lifestyles put one at a higher risk of back pain compared to normal periods of time.

Checking for back pain

When you feel anything wrong with your back, you may need to see a medical doctor sooner than you think,who later may recommend you to a chiropractor. While St. Louis chiropractic care has rapidly increase, its on more deal finding an expert. Back pain is often associated with other more serious problems. Unless you have undergone the right medical checkup, do not throw caution to the wind and imagine everything will be normal. Your back should not hurt for more than the time taken by other types of bodily muscles. In such a case, you will need to undergo physical checkup using the right equipment such as X-rays.

Treatment and management

Treating back pain is a direct result of the correct procedures being administered owing to the performance of correct diagnosis. Often, the first step is administration of painkillers to relieve the patient of the pain they feel. Thereafter, specific medicines will be given to counteract the underlying problem. If physiotherapy is required, it will be administered accordingly. Taking care of your back should be your personal task since, in most cases, damage to your back is irreparable. Prevention, as they often say, is better than cure. Avoid tasks which tax the back muscles and tissues too much.


Basement windows are usually a welcome source of light in an otherwise dark space. Mostly, When you look at a house your eye isn’t drawn naturally to the basement windows. So as to create curb appeal, home owners use elegant doors, great gutters, large bay windows and nice paint to create an overall look. The basement windows are usually buried at the bottom if you can see it at all.

Basement windows are still of great importance to your home even if they are not an exciting design element for some of the following reasons as enumerated by a basement remodeling pro.

Enhanced Security

Because basement windows are so out of the way, they are usually natural place where intruders try to gain access to your home. If you install a quality basement window and not some cheap metal ora thin piece of glass, it will make it harder to gain access and it will help in protecting your family and your belongings.

Improved Ambiance

If you install quality basement windows, you can let plenty of natural light into the space. There removing the dark and dank feel of your basement. Incoming natural light can be helpful if your basement is used as a workshop or laundry room. It is almost essential if you use it as a family room or man cave.


Better Ventilation

Most people work on hobby projects in their basements and some use it as a space for storage. When there is risk of build up of toxic fumes, itis important that you are able to easily and effectively ventilate the space.

Superior Efficiency

Cold air falls and hot air rises. This means that when you run air conditioning in the summer in your home, the air you pay good money to cool collects in your basement and if the basement window is inefficient, it allow this air to trickle out.

First-Rate Roofer Selection Tips

In truth, it is quite tempting to fall for the first roofer that crosses your line of sight whenever you want to repair, install or improve the spectacle of your roof. The streets and online spaces are full of novices who bill themselves as the most competent roofers on the planet. You must do more than scratch the surface to find an expert roofer.

Best Roofer Selection Tips

Obviously, training and experience are the first two qualities that you must ask for from your prospective roofer. We know from conventional wisdom that the quality of service is largely dependent on the tight combination of skill and length of practice. You should enlist professional roofers who promise to get it right the first time.

Find a Roofer with a High Work Rate.

The noble task of roofing has a few downsides such as the jarring noises of cutting machines, hammers and other heavy duty machinery. The loud chaos of such work is unbearable for babies, sensitive elderly people and others who cherish calm and tranquil moments. Therefore, the best roofer should work within the shortest time possible.

However, the impressive work rate of a roofer should not compromise on the quality of work. You will find it quite convenient to work with a roofing contractor with a high turnaround, particularly if the workload is enormous. Find out from your roofer about his projected completion date in order to find out if it is consistent with your interests.

Select a Roofer who offers Long Term Warranties.

It is quite unfortunate that many homeowners overlook the importance of the warranty section when skimming through the roofing contract. The best roofers offer long term warranties, which gives you the piece of mind that you need all the time. Besides, long term warranties are a sign that you are dealing with trustworthy roofers.

You should also consider the reputation and longevity of the company that offers long term warranties. Some companies offer impressive warranty terms only for them to vanish from their only known locations within a few years. Avoid dealing with briefcase companies with shadowy operational details.

Be Wary of Upfront Payments.

Always be on the guard against fraudsters who insist on upfront payments and those who want you to append your signature on a labyrinth of details that have nothing to do with service delivery. One of the best roofer selection tips is to insist on a roofer who accepts payments after all the work is done.

Study the profile of your prospective roofer before you let them settle down on the task. Establishing long term deals with your chosen roofer is the best approach of saving on your money. Such a long term professional engagement shields you from the inconvenience of upfront payments and hidden charges. Instead, you get friendly discounts and some free services.

Wrap Up.

Finding the best roofer must begin with paying close attention to their level of expertise, length of practice and the aspect of versatility. Their billing should be consistent with the quality of service. The opinions of previous customers and the information of referrals should guide you to find the right professionals for the job.